Hi, I'm Jayne and I am the owner and Chief Visionary Officer of MaryJaynesGems.  

I have been a maker of jewelry for 8 years, and I began after my grandmother had passed and had given a piece of jewelry that was to be split between my sister and myself.  My good friend Mary Marlborough was well known in Leominster Massachusettes for making jewelry so I asked her to teach me so I could recreate this heirloom piece.  I got hooked on jewelry making at that point.

As a Registered Nurse by training, I had never created before. But due to an accident that left me disabled, I chose to focus on what I could do rather than all I could no longer do.  I started making simple pieces and I took a couple of classes on jewelry making as well.  I am mainly self-taught but I have used YouTube to learn various techniques. 

Due to my limitations, all my jewelry is made while laying down in bed.  Supported by pillows and a bed table, I design and create these beautiful pieces.  I have sold at craft fairs and in person, but in 2016 I was asked to provide jewelry for a cheerleading competition with Central Mass American Youth Cheerleading.  I was then asked to be a vendor at the state competition and was asked back for both in 2017.  It was such an honor to be able to provide the young cheerleaders some classy bling to show their cheer spirit.

Now, I have been hired to provide bridal jewelry for both the bride and bridal parties, and I have been given the honor of being able to repair antique jewelry and pieces needing some repair.  

This new direction has opened up my creative drive and I am excited to see what tomorrow brings.  I look forward to bringing you quality sterling silver jewelry for years to come.